M2M Ecosphere
The first sustainable commodities Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)

The M2M Ecosystem-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform brings together unique capabilities built by three independent business ecosystems with the common goal of supercharging Industrial,Metallurgical and Mining SMEs to collectively excel in the 21st Century.

Why M2M?
The smart choice for SMEs
Digital Infrastructure & Services
We are the provider of unique digital infrastructure and services to the SME ecosphere participants using state-of-the arts tools and technology.
Digital Commodities Ecosystem
M2M takes care of all aspects of commodities related business, putting the emphasis on sustainability and allowing our members to thrive together.
Digital Supply Chain With Traceability
We deliver a global, next generation, Digital Supply Chain for the metals of the New Economy of 2030, helping our SME members to have the competitive edge.
M2M benefits
Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)
M2M In Action
Executive Team
The people behind M2M

Rupert Young

An entrepreneurial and commercial IT director with 15 years+ experience building global companies from the ground up.

Alex Mikhalev

Director of R&D & Strategy
Deeply knowledgable about R&D, strategic thinking, networks, and a diverse range of bleeding edge technologies.

Barbara Nowacka

Product Development Director
Best in class UX and product management guru with extensive experience working for big brands as well as startups.

Joaquim Coll

Director of AI
A leader in the field of cutting edge algorithms and tools relating to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Sharad Chaturvedi

Software Development Director
15 years+ directly managing onshore/offshore software development teams for companies in US, EU & Asia.

Damjan Kužnar

An experienced CTO, with a background in web development, crypto exchanges and machine learning.

James Dicarlo

Commodities Director
10+ years in commodity metals with extensive experience on the ground in Africa.

Panos Thymianides

Expert in sustainability, resources, materials, mining and disruptive strategical thinking.

Yiannis Kondoulis

Chief Resources Officer
HR & Recruitment Executive providing C-suite strategic consultancy services globally.

Dora Grant

Chief Risk Officer
Dora is highly respected by the UK Banking Regulators (FCA, PRA) as well as a known advisor and trouble-shooter of UK banks.
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